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Wesley True Is IN as Executive Chef at The Optimist

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True joins Ford Fry's team after a short stint at The Spence.

Wesley True.
Wesley True.
Via Concentrics Restaurants

Wesley True, who was recently dismissed from The Spence after a short tenure as executive chef, has a new gig. True is on board to replace departing chef Adam Evans at The Optimist, Ford Fry's Westside fish camp. Fry's PR team confirmed the move Wednesday morning.

"I am excited that Wesley is coming on board with us," Fry said in a prepared statement. "We became friends when he was thinking of moving to Atlanta and continued our friendship while he and his family settled in. Wesley and Adam have worked together on a few special events and hit it off well so it will be a natural for Adam to introduce Wesley to the staff, the kitchen and be by his side over the next couple of weeks before Adam's departure.

"Wesley's cooking style and philosophy are not unlike Adam's, Wesley loves big bright flavors and 'not cooking' fish — meaning he has an affinity for crudo. I'm personally stoked to be working with Wesley as well as pumped to watch Adam grow even bigger and better out there."

A tipster in tune with the situation tells Eater Atlanta that True's dismissal from The Spence was related to his potential move to The Optimist. Concentrics Restaurants, parent company of The Spence, responded to that possibility by saying, "We don't want to comment further on a previous employee." True will also make an appearance as a competitor on the forthcoming season of Top Chef.

"Honestly, the minute I met Ford I felt an automatic connection," True said in a statement. "We seem to have very similar core values, meaning, how to grow our people and treat our people. Seems Ford's company philosophy is a match for me. I'm very excited to take the reins and continue to help The Optimist be an Atlanta success."

Evans, who has been with The Optimist since it opened, is leaving the restaurant next Friday.

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