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Three Stars for Le Fat; Two Stars for Watershed on Peachtree

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

Le Fat.
Le Fat.
Elizabeth Chai

Creative Loafing's Jennifer Zyman reviews Le Fat, Guy Wong's upscale Vietnamese restaurant. Zyman gives the Westside eatery a "very good" rating of three out of five stars, saying Wong is on the right track as a chef:

No longer that 27-year-old grinder, it seems time, experience, and coming back from the ultimate punch in the gut for a chef — a failed restaurant — have been Wong's greatest teachers. The chef is now a father, a husband, and the head of his own budding restaurant group with two more eateries in the works. At Le Fat, Wong and Blum work in tandem — the chef successfully bridging the flavors of his past with his present, and Blum creating an environment where quality service is a priority. The food isn't flawless, but the hiccups I experienced never detracted from the overall experience. When I think about the superior outings I've had at Le Fat compared to those early Miso days, it's apparent just how much Wong has grown.

Over at Atlanta Magazine, Corby Kummer takes a look at Watershed on Peachtree, where Zeb Stevenson has been running the kitchen since January. Kummer awards Watershed a "very good" rating of two stars and says Stevenson has the potential to make the restaurant even better:

I'm glad Watershed is still open, even if I miss the old gas station. It's hard to see this room warming up or getting more intimate or funky. But it's pleasant. And nostalgia doesn't move you to the future. If Stevenson spends a bit more time obsessing over getting dishes right and grows more patient with his own creations, Watershed can build a new, strong identity in his care. And I'll keep searching for the True South while staying alive to the New South that Atlanta chefs are inventing today.

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