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Paper Plane Is About to Undergo a Major Revamp

The Decatur favorite will take on a new concept.

Paper Plane.
Paper Plane.
Sara Dodge

Paper Plane, the essential Decatur cocktail bar straight out of a scene from Mad Men, is about to undergo some major changes. Caleb Wheelus, who is co-owner of Paper Plane's parent company Victory Brands, confirmed in an email to Eater Atlanta that the bar will shut down and reopen as a new concept.

"Aloha, gang. We have an announcement to make over this airplane intercom thing. As many of you know, Paper Plane has stopped food service this month. And at the end of August, after two-and-a-half years, we will stop all service. Paper Plane is taking its last flight, soaring off into the Decatur sunset. Which is to say, you should come by and enjoy our award-winning drinks and lovely staff while you can. You have until the end of the month.

"Many of you have asked what's going to replace Paper Plane. We're happy to report that Wal-Mart will set up a small store in that space. Perfect for the Decatur-ite looking for guns, bullets, lawn chairs, half-off Christmas gear — really, anything. Of course, we are kidding. Put down your protest signs. We've got something even more (coco)nuts than that. See you soon, and until then, Mahalo, Y'all!"

Paper Plane will offer light bar snacks only through the rest of August. The changes come a few months after Paul Calvert left Victory Brands. Calvert is now working on Greg Best and Regan Smith's Krog Street Market project. While no specific details on the revamp were made available, the language of the email hints at some sort of a tropical theme. Wheelus said a relaunch date is still to be determined.

The Victory Brands team has been busy lately. It opened an Inman Park outpost for Victory Sandwich Bar in May, and Little Trouble began service in Westside Provisions District Thursday night.

Victory Sandwich Bar Inman Park

913 Bernina Ave NE, Atlanta, GA (404) 709-2892

Paper Plane

340 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030