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Ramen Wars: Mihoko Obunai at Sobban; Andy Tran at Ration + Dram

Two ramen pop-ups hit Atlanta's East Side tonight.


Because two is better than one, especially when it comes to overindulging, two ramen pop-ups are going down tonight. Mihoko Obunai is joining Jiyeon Lee for a Tokyo vs. Seoul" dinner at Sobban in Decatur, and Andy Tran will host the second edition of his Ramen Crush A.T.L. at Ration + Dram in Edgewood.

At Sobban, Obunai and Lee will prepare their own versions of the dish, which will be served alongside several small plates, entrees, and a variety of sake, Korean wine, and beer. Tran will cook up a simpler menu at his event, serving two types of ramen, two small plates, and two cocktails. Below, see tonight's menu at Sobban, and get an idea of what to expect at Ration + Dram with Tran's inaugural menu from last Thursday.

Tokyo vs. Seoul at Sobban
Korean fried chicken wings 8
Fried okra 5
Sesame green bean salad 5
Pork belly bun 4.50
Beef or shrimp dumplings 9
Deviled egg 1.50
Mibo Shoyu ramen 14
Chicken chashu, grilled tomatoes, arugula, soft egg, parmesano, lobster oil
Spicy Seoul Budae-jjigae ramen (Army stew) 14
Andouille, Miso bacon,, rice cake, charred corn, tofu
Bibim ramen 14
Mixed vegetables, fried okra, tofu, shiitake, soft egg
Bulgogi over rice 16
Fried pork chop donkatsu 18
*Complementally kimchi bar
Itami Onigoroshi (carafe) 14
Junmai 13
Kikusui Shinmai 14
Kikusui Funaguchi 16
Kizakura Nigori 9
Korean Wine
Makgeolli 4/16
Bek Se Ju 6/20
Yedam 6/20
Hite 3
Sapporo 5

Ramen Crush A.T.L. menu


1788 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA 30033 (678) 705-4233 Visit Website

Ration and Dram

130 Arizona Avenue Northeast, , GA 30307 (678) 974-8380 Visit Website