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First Look at Kevin Gillespie's Revival

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

Jonathan Phillips/Eater Atlanta

Creative Loafing's Brad Kaplan takes a first look at Revival, Kevin Gillespie's Southern shrine in Decatur. Kaplan says the restaurant's regional entrees are good, but notes a shaky beverage service:

The fried chicken, three pieces for $13, is likely to become Revival's most popular item. Gillespie pointed out that this recipe, which he's guarding closely, is not among his family hand-me-downs. It's clearly a well-seasoned wet batter, which makes its way into the nooks and crannies of the meat. But the most unique note I picked up was an earthy, meatiness reminiscent of fried chicken livers (in a good way). ... Drinking at Revival, as at any family meal, can be an iffy proposition. Having two punches on the menu is great, but the flat-tasting Chatham Artillery Punch ($8) lacked the drink's usual effervescence. The too-sweet rum-based Martinez Phosphate ($11) bore no resemblance at all to a traditional gin-based Martinez.

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