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Three Stars for Superica, Watershed; One Star for Little Trouble

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

Creative Loafing's Jennifer Zyman offers a triple-decker of reviews this week, taking on Superica, Watershed on Peachtree, and 4th & Swift. Zyman awards "very good" ratings of three out of five stars to Superica and Watershed, and a "good" two-out-of-five-star rating to 4th & Swift.

Under Stevenson, Watershed has been reborn. Everything feels fresh, a feat for a long-standing restaurant. ... Servers [at Superica] are quick, polite, and enthusiastic, making it clear that Rocket Farms has its training down. Fry and Maxey have another hit on their hands, but this is one that seems the most close to home for them given their backgrounds. As a result, this place has a lot of love behind it and you can feel it in the service and food. ... Despite the new chef's missteps and lack of editing [at 4th & Swift], a great deal of talent is evident. Perhaps with some more experience running this particular kitchen, he will be able to show Atlanta what he can really do.

Wyatt Williams reviews Little Trouble for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and he gives the Victory Brands Westside cocktail lounge a "good" rating of one out of four stars. Williams says the atmosphere at Little Trouble beats the food.

I had fun at Little Trouble every night I was there and, from the looks of it, so did a lot of other people. The food clearly isn't the point there. The cocktails are good and tasty enough, though a little on the pricey side. They're Little Trouble's tax on the main attraction of people-watching, of basking in the neon glow, of thinking about the not-so-distant future and hoping that the food is better than this.

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