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It Sounds Like Ron Eyester's Restaurant Empire Is in Trouble

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Eyester posted an open letter regarding his restaurants on Tuesday evening.

Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

Angry Chef Ron Eyester, who competed on Top Chef last season an then opened Diner in Atlantic Station, appears to be struggling to keep his restaurants afloat. In a candid open letter he posted Tuesday evening, the owner of Rosebud and The Family Dog in Morningside addressed the "many rumors circulating."

"It's no secret we're struggling ...we ended biting off more than we can chew," Eyester wrote. "We ended up encountering some scenarios that we obviously could not have and did not forecast. After all, who the fuck closes the same restaurant twice ... this guy!"

Eyester was referencing the shutter of Timone's, his other Morningside restaurant that recently closed for good not long after it temporarily shut down for a revamp. As for the future of his current eateries, the chef didn't go into specific details, only noting that "what once was a haven of consistency and stability is now somewhat a tumultuous road of uncertainty and sometimes, unpleasant surprises."

"What's the final outcome going to be? I wish I knew ... But no matter what transpires, I am making every plausible effort to preserve what we have established and maintained for many years now."

Eater Atlanta has reached out to Eyester for more details. This post will be updated with any new information.


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