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One Star for Le Fat; Two Stars for Breakers Korean BBQ

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It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews.

Le Fat.
Le Fat.
Elizabeth Chai

Atlanta Magazine's Corby Kummer reviews Le Fat, Guy Wong's Westside Vietnamese brasserie. Kummer gives the restaurant a "good" rating of one out of four stars and says it's inconsistent, but has flashes of promise:

At its best, the food at Le Fat is fresh with the bright taste of green herbs and peppers that characterize Vietnamese cuisine, and even comforting. But order with care. Unmemorable is one thing, sloppy another. ... The "flash-fried" branzino (a bass relative) with just a cornstarch coating, though, was almost chokingly dry, with barely enough ginger-soy jus. ... Wonton dumplings, filled with diced shrimp and pork in a moist, prettily crumpled wheat-flour wrapping, tasted of sesame and chili oil and a sweet soy vinaigrette—it's sheer comfort food, as if a Chinese (not Vietnamese) mother saw you coming through the door and pulled the ingredients out of the fridge.

Wyatt Williams reviews Breakers Korean BBQ for the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionawarding the Duluth restaurant a "very good" rating of two out of four stars. Williams says the all-you-can-eat feast is the way to go:

What you really want is the all-you-can-eat meal. This will prompt a long succession of plates. First comes the obligatory and forgettable fruit-laden salad and small bowl of miso soup that accompanies all dishes here. Then the many side plates of bean sprouts, dipping sauces, sweet radish, rice wrappers and, of course, kimchee. Finally, you will receive a parade of meat that never seems to end. A bowl of brisket shaved as thin as paper. ... The flavors built from clean and salty up to rich, sweet marinades, and each course cooked to a tender crisp. Our servers always managed to be back at the table at the right time, never leaving meats to burn or overcook.

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