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SweetWater Will Soon Flow in New York and Philadelphia

The Atlanta brewery is once again expanding its reach.

SweetWater Brewing Company/Facebook

SweetWater Brewing Company, the local icon that put Atlanta's craft beer scene on the map, is once again broadening its horizons. SweetWater will hit more new markets in the coming months, including New York City and Philadelphia. The company's beers will hit NYC this month, and then will show up in Philly and Connecticut in November.

"Our team couldn't be more stoked to introduce SweetWater to more folks in the northeast," Jeff Chassner, SweetWater director of new market business development said in an official bro-speak statement from the company. "We spent significant time identifying and getting to know the best fit for partners in each market, and are confident that these distributors are going to help us make a big, SweetWater-style splash in each city."