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Inside BeetleCat, Ford Fry's Seafood Den Straight Out of the '70s

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It's another throwback from the local empire builder.

Ford Fry's BeetleCat is open in Inman Quarter, and just like Marcel before it, the restaurant is a bit of a period piece for the mega-restaurateur. This time, Fry takes diners back to the early 1970s with lower-level seating that's inspired by a cozy New England den from the decade. Upstairs, the decor is modern coastal, with dark woods, a blue-white color scheme, and plenty of large windows looking out to North Highland Avenue and Elizabeth Street.

Here, now, take a look inside BeetleCat, Fry's fifth and final restaurant opening of 2015.


299 North Highland Avenue Northeast, , GA 30307 (678) 732-0360 Visit Website