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Watch Chef/Owner Kevin Clark Share the Story Behind Home Grown

It's a Reynoldstown staple.

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For five years, Home Grown has been one of Atlanta's breakfast favorites. The Memorial Drive restaurant is always packed on weekend mornings, and it's such a resilient establishment, not even a car plowing through the front door can keep it down for long. In this video, chef and owner Kevin Clark explains how Home Grown came to be and what he hopes to achieve at the meat-and-three.

Clark takes his fine dining experience and commitment to quality ingredients to elevate comfort eats at the restaurant. More than the food, he cites the Home Grown's community for its success.

"One thing positive we get, the neighborhood's glad we're here," Clark says in the video. "It's just very community. Everybody cares about each other. I see a ton of my neighbors here all the time — a lot of our customers are in walking distance."

Watch the above video for the full story behind Home Grown, along with Clark's philosophy on cooking classic meat-and-three cuisine.

Home Grown

968 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 404-222-0455 Visit Website