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TGM Bread Offers Retail Hours This Saturday

It's the first time the bakery has opened to the public.

Jennifer Johnson

Want to buy various baked goods directly from Rob Alexander and the TGM Bread team? Stop by this Saturday, when the bakery will offer its first retail hours from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Partner Jennifer Johnson says TGM Bread is entering "Phase II" of its development.

"Now that we've had a few weeks for Rob Alexander and his bread-baking team to settle into the new space and equipment, we're ready for "Phase II" — limited public retail bakery hours — to be followed next month by lunch pop-ups (I guess that makes the lunch pop-ups "Phase III")," Johnson said in an email to Eater Atlanta

Pastries, cakes, and cookies from The General Muir pastry chef Chris Marconi will still be available next door. Johnson says TGM Bread's future retail operation will be determined by consumer demand.

"This Saturday is an opportunity to show the community what TGM Bread will offer and get a sense of when the community might want to come by the bakery to pick up bread," Johnson said. "If the community's wants and needs align with what we're hoping, we'll have the retail portion of the bakery open on Saturday and/or Sunday going forward, morning to early afternoon. And then we may reshape those hours when the farmers market season kicks off, since TGM Bread will be at several markets weekly."

TGM Bread handles the baking operations for The General Muir, West Egg CafeFred's Meat & Bread, and Yalla. It offers wholesale, too, and  Krog Street Market's Ticonderoga Club was the first corporate account on board. The bakery is located in Emory Point, adjacent to The General Muir.

This story has been updated to reflect pastries, cakes, and cookies will be available at The General Muir, not TGM Bread.

TGM Bread

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