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Java Cats Cafe Partners With Ebrik Coffee Room to Serve Feline-Loving Caffeine Addicts

One step closer to opening

A to-go cup from Ebrik Coffee Room. Ebrik Coffee Room/Facebook

Java Cats Cafe, which will bring cats and coffee together in Grant Park later this year, has announced a partnership with Ebrik Coffee Room for its caffeinated beverages. Java Cats owner Hadyn Hilton revealed the news on Instagram Tuesday morning.

Ebrik Coffee Room opened in February 2014 at 16 Park Pl. SE, on the Downtown campus of Georgia State University, and a second location is coming soon to Decatur. The shop specializes in Turkish coffee and sources beans from local operations at Land of a Thousand Hills and Atlanta Coffee Roasters. Hilton hasn’t shared details on what the beverage menu might look like, but she says "Ebrik's staff is currently training me to be one ballin' barista until we open."

Hilton first announced her cat cafe plans in March, and she signed a lease at 415 Memorial Dr. SE last month. She hopes to have Java Cats open for business in late November or early December. The cafe is partnering with Paws Atlanta and will foster up to 20 cats at a time, all available for adoption.

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