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Construction on Luca Varuni’s Krog Street Market Stall Is Underway

Neapolitan pizza for the market

Construction walls surrounding the Varuni Napoli site in Krog Street Market.
Construction walls surrounding the Varuni Napoli site in Krog Street Market.
Eater Atlanta photo

One end of Krog Street Market, where Craft Izakaya, The Luminary, and Ticonderoga Club reside, is a little crowded these days. Why? Construction is underway on the market’s next big project, a second location for Neapolitan pizzeria Varuni Napoli.

Neither pizza master Luca Varuni nor anyone at Krog Street Market have officially announced the venture, but all the clues are there. Market officials have been eyeing a pizza concept for a while. In June, a representative for Varuni confirmed his plans to open a second restaurant. In August, plans for a buildout at "Unit 17" in the market were filed with the City of Atlanta. Multiple want ads for Varuni Napoli, referencing the market’s 99 Krog St. address, have been posted to Craigslist.

There’s no word on when Varuni’s Krog Street Market stall might open, and a peek inside the construction walls reveals work has only just begun. When it does open, the mini-pizzeria will take up a space directly across from The Luminary.

Varuni, an Antico alum, opened his Morningside pizzeria in April 2014.

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