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What Once Was Makan Is Now Taiyo Ramen

A revamp for the Decatur restaurant

Inside Taiyo Ramen, formerly known as Makan.
Inside Taiyo Ramen, formerly known as Makan.
Andrew Thomas Lee

Restaurateurs Michael Lo and chef George Yu are the latest entrants into Atlanta’s increasingly crowded ramen market. A little more than two years after the duo opened Makan on the ground floor of the Courtyard Decatur Downtown Hotel, the restaurant has undergone a revamp and a name change. Now, it’s called Taiyo Ramen.

The reboot isn’t too much of an adjustment for Lo and Yu — Lo tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionit was only natural.” They already offered ramen at Makan and are the masterminds behind Atlanta Ramen Fest. The new menu features seven varieties of the dish, all of which can be augmented by various “flavor bombs” and toppings. Not in the mood for ramen (why would you visit a ramen shop if that’s the case)? Yu has a list of small plates and appetizers as well.

In addition to their Decatur revamp, Lo and Yu have been busy with a couple other projects lately. They opened a noodle shop on Emory’s campus in January, and they hope to have Suzy Siu’s Baos up and running in Krog Street Market soon.

Scope the complete Taiyo Ramen menu below.

Taiyo Ramen menu

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Taiyo Ramen

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