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More Details on Varuni Napoli’s Krog Street Market Stall

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Pizza ovens at the original Varuni Napoli
Ovens at the original Varuni Napoli.
Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

It’s official: Varuni Napoli is expanding with a Krog Street Market stall. After first hinting at plans in June and beginning construction last month, Luca Varuni and Paces Properties are finally ready to reveal details.

  • The opening timeline is vague, but Varuni’s stall should begin service early next year across from The Luminary at the south end of the market, according to a Thursday announcement.
  • The menu will be similar to Varuni Napoli’s original restaurant in Morningside, but “the team is experimenting with a new pizza specifically for the Krog Street Market location.”
  • Ingredients will be both imported (San Marzano tomatoes, pecorino romano and buffalo mozzarella) and local (produce, seasonal vegetables, and herbs).
  • The stall will serve house-made limoncello in addition to beer and wine.
  • Design will feature “an open-concept cooking space behind the bar, allowing diners and market visitors to become a part of the authentic pizza-making experience as they engage with pizza artisans throughout the cooking process.”
  • It’s the final food stall planned for the market.

“Since opening the original Varuni Napoli location, the Atlanta dining scene has grown exponentially and continues to impress our team, inspiring us to open a second location at Krog Street Market,” Varuni said in a prepared statement. “We cannot wait to bring authentic Italian cuisine and Neapolitan pizzas to a new audience as we continue to grow alongside the up-and-coming Inman Park neighborhood and Krog Street family.”

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