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T.I. Says His Restaurant Company Was Swindled Out of $1.7 Million

He’s going to court

T.I. is not happy.
Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images for PUMA

T.I.’s short-lived restaurant venture continues to be a headache for the Atlanta rapper. First, employees of Scales 925 sued T.I. and his business partners over alleged unpaid wages. Then, the restaurant was evicted from its Downtown address because of unpaid rent. Now, T.I. says his restaurant company was cheated out of $1.7 million, and he’s going to court, according to The Jasmine Brand.

In a lawsuit filed before the Fulton County Superior Court, T.I. alleges he and his Scales 925 partners struck a deal with the owners of Vibe, a nightclub that previously operated at 30 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., Suite 125. T.I. and his group agreed to pay $1.7 million for renovations of the space in exchange for 75 percent ownership. But, the owners of Vibe allegedly asked for more money once Scales 925 was open and eventually struck a secretive deal with the space’s landlord to boot the rapper and his concept, with plans to open a new venture in the renovated space.

Following Scales 925’s eviction and shutter, an upscale sports bar called The League Tavern took over the space almost immediately. T.I. and his Scales 925 partners have requested an injunction to shut down the business, and they’re looking to recoup the $1.7 million plus any profits from the business and attorney fees.

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Scales 925

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