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Pay Peaches a Visit Before the Clermont Lounge Temporarily Shutters in January

The beloved dive bar and strip club will close for about six weeks

Signage at the Clermont Lounge. Clermont Lounge/Facebook

As a big renovation project progresses at the historic Clermont Hotel, its famous basement dive bar/strip club is going on hiatus. The Clermont Lounge will close for roughly six weeks, killing the lights from January 1 to "February 15thish."

There has been some concern the opening of a sparkling boutique hotel would spell doom for the seedy vice den, a favorite of soon-to-be-hungover locals and visiting celebrities alike. But, developers say the Clermont Lounge will remain open. With a long vacation in the near future, a New Year’s Eve visit may be appropriate. Stop by, grab a PBR, and say hello to Peaches.

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The Clermont Lounge

789 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30306