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Little's Food Store Makes Plans to Remain a Cabbagetown Staple

The owners are acting now to avoid future uncertainty.

Little's Food Store/Facebook

Having come close to a permanent shutter in the past, the folks at Little's Food Store are attempting to be proactive to keep the burger spot open in Cabbagetown for the long haul. Little's announced Friday on Facebook ownership has made an offer on the restaurant's building.

"With the rapid gentrification of the area we felt now was the time to act, or face eviction after the building leaves the Littles' hands," the announcement reads. "Please don't forget to frequent our humble establishment as we move forward toward the purchase. We love all our Little people and want to stay as long as Cabbagetown will have us!"

The Little family originally opened Little's Grocery in 1929, moved into the building at 198 Carroll Street in 1941, and continued to operate until 2005. Brad and Nina Cunard launched the current incarnation of Little's in 2010, serving up sliders, burgers, hot dogs, and groceries. The Cunards are now in search of "a local banker looking to help a small business secure its future."

In December 2013, the Cunards announced they would close the restaurant in the face of expensive building renovations. But, fans of Little's launched an Indigogo campaign and raised more than $22,000 to help pay for the repairs.

Little's Food Store

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