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Atlanta Chefs Dish on Their Favorite Ways to Prepare Eggs

There are endless possibilities .

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's time to wrap up Eater's first-ever Breakfast Week, but not before we tackle an important subject: eggs. More specifically, how to cook eggs. Chefs from all over Atlanta have chimed in to give their recommendations below.

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Jamie Adams, Il Giallo Osteria & Bar

My favorite way is the "Mexican" way, scrambled with roasted and pureed green chilies and tomato. They taste awesome and are fool proof.

Billy Allin, Cakes & Ale

I like ridiculous slow scrambled. Takes at least 7 to 8 minutes of stirring on low heat, can take more. fair amount of butter. Eat with some toasted, crusty sourdough from Proof.

Woody Back, Table & Main

The way I most like to eat my eggs is to get a cast iron pan hot with bacon fat. I mean really hot. Put the egg in and let edges get really crispy. Spoon the fat over the egg until the whites set and remove from the pan top with salt and pepper. Use a biscuit for sopping up the yolk.

Brent Banda, Lure

A traditional omelet. Include Polenta rustica, La Tavola meatballs in sauce, Parmigiano fonduta, and a poached egg

Matthew Basford, Canoe

I like my eggs poached. The way the yolk runs with the perfect poached egg adds richness and a velvety texture to your breakfast.

A farm egg with a bright yellow yolk sits in white celery cream, presented in a round white plate, with pieces of toast laid in a larger plate underneath. Matthew Wong

[Miller Union's farm egg in celery cream. Photo: Matthew Wong]

Mike Blydenstein, The Mercury and The Pinewood

Eggs have been my favorite since the beginning of my career! I have often been criticized or made fun of for having so many eggs on my menu — it's the only protein with built in sauce. My favorite way to prepare an egg right now is by poaching an egg super soft, but not too soft where it would break under its own weight. After the egg chills a little bread it with flour, egg wash and panko bread crumbs. Deep fry it until golden brown. When you crack into the crispy crust the yolk spills out.

Gabriel Capo, F&B Atlanta

My favorite way to prepare eggs is poaching them. It's like boiling, but without the shell, or over medium that skips contact with the pan. The white is cooked through, the yolk is warm and runny, and you avoid any hard edges with this method. Just imagine it mixing with a bright hollandaise on eggs benedict or on a duck salad as part of the dressing!

Chad Clevenger, Alma Cocina

French style omelets with chevre and chives cooked in butter. [My] second-favorite would be over-easy eggs on top of cheese grits so the yolks can be broken into the grits for a richer texture.

Derek Dollar, Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails and The Big Ketch Roswell
I like to soft boil eggs. I love that the yolk is still a little runny. I'll use it for salads and serve that with smoked potatoes, bacon, and roasted onions.

Linton Hopkins, Restaurant Eugene, Holeman & Finch Public House, and more

I love eggs and egg cookery. The myth of the folds of a toque is related to the number of egg preparations a chef should know. I deny the Runaway Bride statement that you must have one egg recipe you prefer over all others — how limiting when there are so many great options! However, one of my top favorite recipes is the only one I learned from my father, and the only one I think he knows: a crisp, fried egg, cooked in sausage drippings in an iron skillet. Crack an egg into rendered sausage or bacon fat, season with salt and pepper, and spoon the fat over the top while it cooks. An amazing bubble forms over the top of the egg, along with a nice shell around the yolk and crisp edges.


[Shakshuka. Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Jeffrey Gardner, Common Quarter

I love the versatility of perfectly poached eggs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner: They always have their place. There's also something kind of magical about breaking into a properly poached egg and seeing that the white is just firm enough and the yolk is nice and runny. Just a hallmark of good cooking.

Kevin Gillespie, Gunshow and Revival

Scrambled soft with American cheese! I'm redneck at heart and love Waffle House-style eggs.

Andy Gonzalez, Steinbeck's

I love every kind of egg, except fried hard, which is, I imagine, how Satan takes his eggs. There is particular beauty in a perfectly timed, soft-scramble with tiny curds. And, how the golden yolk contrasts with a stark white field of a perfect sunny-side-up is the harbinger of culinary victory.

Justin Gottselig, No. 246

I love all egg methods but if I had to choose it would be poached eggs.  I love the egg white because it gives some texture, but the yolk is what really makes it.  Creating a thick, delicious warm sauce over what you put it on.  It is also a quick cooking method with little prep time — it's more about delicately executing it.

Lance Gummere, Bantam + Biddy

Eggs? That's easy. Shakshuka. Anyone can make this dish, and they should because it's comfy and delicious. This is a very basic technique where you heat up a spicy tomato sauce in a cast iron skillet. Once the tomato sauce is thoroughly heated, crack three or four eggs and nestle them into the sauce, one by one. Pop the entire skillet into the oven and bake until the eggs are as soft or hard as you prefer.

Serve this with crusty toast on the side and you're having a great morning. And, how much fun is it to say the word "shakshuka"? I love it!

Philippe Haddad, Cape Dutch

Duck confit hash with a poached organic egg (a quail or ostrich egg works as well, for something a little more different) is my favorite breakfast and brunch item, which doubles as a dinner appetizer. The eggs can be done sunny side up, poached or over easy - but when you break that soft egg yolk on top of the duck leg hash, confit in duck fat, it's so succulent and comforting, it awakens your taste buds. I love to shave truffles on top, reminding me of an old world, yet incredibly tasty dish."

Savannah Haseler, Twain's Brewpub & Billiards

My favorite eggs are medium poached eggs. I love the fudge texture of the yolk when it is cooked medium, and the white is firmer.

Eddie Hernandez, Taqueria Del Sol

I like my eggs scrambled. I whip my eggs with habanero and tomato sauce, which makes the eggs really fluffy and light, but full of flavor.

EJ Hodgkinson, King + Duke

Eggs are my favorite things to cook.

Proper soft scramble —€” take two eggs and add two egg yolks to that, whisk together, and scramble until just under set, the addition of the egg yolks makes the final product ridiculously velvety and rich. (Note: I saw this technique done by David Kinch the Chef at Manresa, when making omelets, and adopted it into my repertoire.)

Shirred eggs —€” eggs baked in a flat bottom dish until the whites are set and the yolks have thickened (definition). I like to add heavy cream, a touch of emmenthaler and herbed breadcrumbs.

Soft boiled eggs (or 6 minute eggs) —€” Eggs boiled 6 minutes (meaning the white is completely set and the yolk still loose), blanched and shocked have so much versatility. I use them as components for many preparations, lyonaise salads, crudités, roasted vegetables with prosciutto, I even chop them up and add truffles, vinegar and a touch of Dijon and olive oil to make a vinaigrette for scallops and other seafood applications.

Scotley Innis, Ormsby's

My favorite way to prepare an egg is either sunny-side up or poached. I love when I prepare a protein like corned beef hash and top it with a cut-open egg. The yolk slips all over the hash and the combination is crazy. Then, grab some bread and sop of the rest of the yolk.

Poached eggs

[Poached eggs. Photo: Flickr/Stacy Spensley]

Ramesh Kaduru, Atlanta Grill at The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta

My favorite is an omelet with sautéed mushrooms, onions, bacon and garlic topped with Boursin cheese and fresh herbs. It is a flavorful and filling breakfast.

Yoshifusa Kinjo, Nakato Japanese Restaurant

I've always loved preparing and eating Chawanmushi, a very traditional egg custard dish. The dish more closely resembles a soup vs a custard, as the egg in steamed in "dash" broth with shrimp, ginko nut, chicken, shiitake mushroom, and spinach. It's really wonderful, especially in the colder months, and is extremely popular in Japan, where I was born.

Eli Kirshtein, The Luminary

I'm a huge fan of poached eggs myself. It is one of the less common preparations out there, especially compared to a standard fried variation, but it deserves to be high on everyone's list. It has the ability to maintain a really smooth and luxurious texture and create anywhere from a runny to a warm and fudgy yolk. All and all a well rounded delight.

Gerry Klaskala, Aria

For breakfast, I like my eggs very simple — over easy, please. My first job in a kitchen was as a short-order cook in a very busy place that specialized in breakfast. The cook who trained me told me "it's all in the flick of the wrist." He had me flip a piece of cardboard in a frying pan over and over until I got it right, letting me know that broken egg yolks won't cut it. After 20 minutes of practice, I was a Jedi at flipping cardboard. With just a flick of the wrist, over easy eggs are simple and easy. Pssst, don't burn the toast.

Matt Marcus, Portofino

How can you have just one? For me, it's three fresh eggs —€” collected that morning and never refrigerated —€” whipped with a little raw milk and sea salt and then cooked with some butter on very low heat until fluffy and finished with cracked white pepper."

Nathan McGrath, South City Kitchen

Over-easy, seasoned and cooked just right. Very simple and can be added to a multitude of dishes to enhance flavor and richness. [I] love them on chilaquiles, sandwiches, or on their own with toast to sop up the yolk that's left on the plate.

Shane McIntosh, Ocean Market and Ocean Catering Company

Eggs are one of my favorites! It is the first thing I ever learned to cook (when I was about 6) and still enjoy today. The absolute best is the classic soft, scrambled eggs with cheddar. It goes with anything you would possible serve for breakfast — savory home fries and sausage links all the way to sweet french toast with syrups, powder sugar, and fruit. The key to beautiful, light and fluffy scrambled eggs is patience and continual motion.

  • crack two eggs in a small mixing bowl
  • add about 1 tablespoon whole milk
  • whisk mix until well blended
  • pour into medium saute pan on low/to med heat — while still heating — continually stirring and scraping bottom and sides of pan (this is the trick)
  • keep the eggs moving
  • add 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese when eggs are about 90 percent finished (just a little wet)
  • turn heat off and continue to stir the eggs until cheese is melted and well incorporated
  • plate immediately and enjoy!

These days I will go a tad bit healthier and trade my two eggs for one egg and two egg whites. Everything else the same, but a little lower in cholesterol.

Nick Melvin, Venkman's

My favorite way to prepare eggs is to bake them and serve them up in tomato and okra gravy with griddled sourdough and plenty of hot sauce. They remind me of summers at my grandparents' home in North Carolina. Simple, a little spicy, and delicious!

Andreas Müller, Revival

First choice: I love sunny-side up eggs. I will eat 12 of them in one sitting! I cook them on low heat with a small amount of grape seed oil. Add a pinch of salt and fresh-cracked pepper and if I have it on hand, a slice of Västerbotten ost (swedish cheese).

Second choice has to be a soft scramble. Beat the eggs with a fork and cook on low heat in a pan with a small amount of grape seed oil. Constantly move and scramble the eggs in the pan until they are almost cooked. Pour a small amount of cold cream into the eggs to stop them from overcooking. Season with salt, cracked pepper, and fresh cut chives."

Duane Nutter, One Flew South

Over easy on toast — the first thing my mom taught to make. One time I cooked a whole dozen eggs after school and didn't even do my homework!

Conor O'Reilly, Seven Lamps

My favorite way to eat eggs is to make a simple mushroom omelet. But the key is​ using ​quality mushrooms like oyster or ​C​hanterelles​,​ and when cooking the mushrooms​,​ ​to ​add a bit of dashi. The dashi adds amazing​ ​depth and umami to the dish.

Kevin Ouzts, The Cockentrice, The Spotted Trotter, and Frankly Hot Dogs

My favorite eggs to prepare are Scotch eggs. They're delicious and very efficient. You get the meat, egg, and depending on the bread crumb, the whole breakfast package!

Michael Patria, Ecco

Lobster and Eggs:  Sauté some Lobster (claw, knuckle, tail) in clarified butter, Add eggs, soft scramble. Finish with a touch of mascarpone and chopped tarragon.

Michael Perez, Colletta

Every morning, my fiancée prepares eggs for me before I head out to work. She always makes a "toad in the hole," melts pecorino over the top, and serves it with a half grapefruit. I am the luckiest man on the planet to wake up to this every morning.

​​Robert Phalen, One Eared Stag

I like soft-scrambled eggs with a touch of crème fraîche. I add lots of chives and caviar and serve on top of some crusty bread.

Scrambled Eggs

[Scrambled eggs. Photo: Flickr/Steven Depolo]

Craig Richards, St. Cecilia

I like eggs in the morning; they're quick and a good source of protein. I make an Italian style omelet with three eggs beaten, seasoned with truffle sauce and coarse black pepper. I heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a non stick pan over medium heat, pour in the eggs and let it sit for about 20 seconds so the eggs set. I sprinkle a good pinch of sharp cheddar over the eggs and when they've set I fold it over in thirds. I let it cook for another 20 seconds and plate. I like the eggs just cooked through and fluffy. I challenge myself to make it lighter and lighter every time with no color on the omelet.  It's my own daily challenge. Just me and the eggs. When it's good, there is the perfect amount of truffle to eggs, the cheese is just cooked and gooey and the eggs are light and fluffy.

Matthew Ridgway, The Southern Gentleman and Gypsy Kitchen

I have two favorite egg preparations:

  1. French-style soft scrambled eggs with brandade and caviar. Brioche.
  2. French-style omelet with brandade and caviar.

I like both for the same reason: Both require patience, skill, and the ability to recognize that simplicity is best. Also, they both go great with a bottle of Champagne!

Keith Schroder, High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet

My theme of choice: crème anglaise. It can be anything!

Scott Serpas, Serpas True Food

Sunny-side up. This style produces two contrasting textures with the solid white and runny yellow - perfect for dipping toast or a biscuit. When I was little I called them "dip eggs."

David Silverman, Reel Seafood

[My] favorite egg preparation is a Tempura-fried Poached egg. Serve this on top of fresh tuna salad.

Art Smith, Southern Art

Mediterranean eggs: I first enjoyed this dish on my trip to Israel as a cultural ambassador under the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Culinary Partnership. I often cook this for my husband and children, as it is a quick way to prepare a simple and healthy breakfast for a full house.

Bryan Stoffelen, Bread & Butterfly

Soft scrambled is absolutely my favorite way to prepare eggs. When done right, they fall into the realm of a textured hollandaise — silky, buttery, and delicious!

Jarrett Stieber, Eat Me Speak Me

If I'm ever making a hot brothy dish or stew, I love cracking an egg directly into the simmering broth to cook in all the goodness. I also love making simple French omelettes at home if I have time to cook before running out of the door. Rub some room temperature butter over the omelette on the plate and finish it with a sprinkle of Maldon salt — heaven!

Franck Steigerwald, The Café at The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead

I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon because it is a traditional breakfast item. I prepare the scrambled eggs with butter and shallots and sauté until they have a soft consistency and then add sour cream and julienned smoked salmon on top.

Duane Styka, Cypress Street Pint & Plate

I would have to say today my favorite egg dish is my IPA-cured salmon Benedict. It's my take on the traditional salmon lox. The dish consists of a bagel, cured salmon, poached eggs, a cream cheese hollandaise sauce,and a sprinkle of fresh dill. Even though the salmon is the star of the dish, eggs would be the supporting actor and director. The dish would fall flat without the poached eggs and egg yolks, which are the main ingredient in the cream cheese hollandaise. Delicious!

Fried eggs

[Fried eggs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

Wesley True, The Optimist

I love poached eggs. I like when I cut into the egg on top of toast and the yolk is like a sauce .  A cool little trick is that you can poach both the eggs in one shot.  You can crack the eggs into a bowl together and slowly pour them into just below simmering water and they will not stick together.

David Trueb, Hi-Five Diner

Basted Eggs. When made right, they are the perfect mix of eggs cooked in oil and eggs cooked in water. It brings out all the best qualities of the taste and texture of eggs.

Chip Ulbrich, South City Kitchen

For a simple way to prepare eggs, [I] prefer soft scrambled eggs with a little cream cheese and diced avocados mixed in. Another delicious dish is Chilaquiles with over-easy eggs and hot sauce. Lastly, [my] all-time favorite inner-child dish is buttermilk pancakes topped with three over-easy eggs, Vermont maple syrup, hot sauce, and a side of bacon.

Deborah VanTrece, Twisted Soul and The Catering Company by VanTrece

Eggs are one of nature's examples of food perfection! Packed with nutrients, the barnyard egg is my fast food on a hectic day. My favorite egg preparation is the omelet. It lends itself to so much creativity and there are always leftovers on hand to give my signature "Twist." My spin on this classic dish would include crawfish, tomatoes, scallions, and jalapeño jack cheese.

Luca Varuni of Varuni Napoli

How about a brunch-inspired pizza? Prepared with a sunny-side up egg, our brunch-itina pizza features a savory white pizza topped with eggs, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, mushrooms, pancetta, prosciutto, Pecorino Romano, and Italian sausage.

Adam Waller, Bocado

Cheddar scramble, bacon, arugula. It's awesome.

Joey Ward, Gunshow

I got an Anova Immersion Circulator for Christmas, and I love doing 62 degrees Celsius eggs (cooked for 40 minutes). Crack them over rice with fish sauce and spicy kimchee and you're set.

My other favorite is slow scrambled: Start in a cold pan with a bit of butter and gently bring them to temperature over medium/low heat. Fold them in large movements with a spatula as they begin to coagulate and create large folds of fluffy, scrambled eggs. It's important to not overcook them!

George Yu, Makan

I like poached eggs because of the sauce and protein in one. I like putting in a raw egg and cooking it to a soft poach in ramen, mixing the whites in, and eating the runny yolk.

Taiyo Ramen

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