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Hillary Clinton Visited Octane Coffee Like a True Atlantan

Clinton knows where to go for a cup of coffee in this city

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was in Atlanta on Friday, looking to shore up support ahead of Georgia's March 1 primary contest against Bernie Sanders. The former Secretary of State gave a speech at City Hall, but more importantly, she grabbed an afternoon pick-me-up at Octane Coffee's Grant Park outpost.

Clinton met Octane founder Tony Riffel, and she had a laugh over the burgeoning Donald Trump-Chris Christie alliance. What did Madam Secretary order? It seems a cappuccino is her caffeinated beverage of choice.

Last March, President Barack Obama showed he was in the know by making a stop to throw darts at Manuel's Tavern. Before you go and decide to support Clinton in the Democratic primary because of her astute coffee selection, don't forget about Sanders. Last November, he dined on fried chicken with activist and rapper Killer Mike at Busy Bee Cafe. Choose your candidate wisely.

Octane Coffee + Little Tart Bakeshop

437 Memorial Dr SE, Ste A5, Atlanta, GA 30312 404 348 4797