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The General Muir Is Revamping Its Famous Dinner Burger

Out with the old, in with the new

Bill Addison

One of Atlanta's favorite burgers is getting a revamp. The General Muir's dinner double-stack, Creative Loafing's pick for best in town, No. 13 on Atlanta Magazine's list, and a top choice among local chefs, will cease to exist at the end of service today. In its place, a new dinner burger from chef Todd Ginsberg will emerge.

The General Muir announced the big news on Instagram:

The old burger featured Gruyere, caramelized onions, crispy pastrami, Russian dressing, and housemade pickles. In addition to the local praise, it landed on Eater's list of 21 essential burgers in America. Ginsberg says it's simply time to update the menu.

"Just keeping the menu fresh," the chef told Eater Atlanta. "The burger has been on the menu for almost three years. I feel as though the new version could be better than our previous one. We will, during the course of the year, offer The Burger, but for now it's time for a change."

There's no need to mourn this loss; the forthcoming replacement sounds tasty as well. It's a play on a bacon cheeseburger, with American cheese, shaved white onion, house bread-and-butter pickles, and crispy pastrami in place of the bacon. The new double-stack will take its place on The General Muir's dinner menu this Tuesday.

The General Muir

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