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Can't Make It to One of Ford Fry's Restaurants? UberEats Will Take the Meal to You

The empire builder and delivery service have teamed up.


It seems like Ford Fry has a restaurant on every block in Atlanta these days, but if you still can't make it to one of the culinary magnate's eateries, UberEats is here to help. The restaurateur and delivery service have partnered for Ford Fry-Days, offering lunchtime delivery from a few of Fry's restaurants each Friday this month.

The first meal available last week was chicken and dumplings from JCT. Kitchen & Bar. In the coming weeks, look for hot tamales and tortilla soup from Superica (February 12), an Italian hoagie from King + Duke (February 19), and the bologna stack from Marcel (February 26). In addition to the Friday deliveries, lasagna from No. 246 will be on the menu this Tuesday and Tuesday, February 23.

UberEats delivers from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., only in Buckhead, Downtown, and Midtown. So if you're elsewhere in the city, you'll have to schlep yourself to lunch. But, that's changing soon. UberEats will expand in March, when it will begin citywide, all-day delivery from restaurants across Atlanta.