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Cat cafes have become a global phenomenon, first gaining prominence in Asia in the late '90s and then popping up in United States cities such as New York, Seattle, and Austin over the past couple of years. At long last, Atlanta is getting one of its own. Owner April Hill tells Creative Loafing she hopes to open Happy Tabby Cat Cafe this summer.

For those not in the know, a cat cafe is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a normal coffee shop with the added bonus of a bunch of cuddly cats hanging out. Standard practice calls for the cats to be up for adoption, so if a patron falls in love, they can take home a new companion.

So what can feline-friendly Atlantans expect from Happy Tabby? Hill shared some details with CL.

  • Location: Downtown Decatur or Poncey-Highland. "They both want me really really bad so I kind of have the upper hand."
  • Amenities: The cafe will serve pre-packaged foods and "standard coffee shop beverages." There will be wifi too.
  • The cats: Hill hopes to regularly have 15 to 20 on hand, and they'll all be adoptable. The space will be big enough to accommodate 15 to 20 humans at a time.
  • Costs and restrictions: The cafe will likely charge a $5 cover, and patrons will be limited to one-hour windows. Picking up the cats, unfortunately, will be forbidden.

Happy Tabby already has a Facebook page and website where interested parties can sign up to get early discounts on cat visits. Hill tells CL she plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund opening costs.

Eater Atlanta has reached out to Hill for more information. Further details will be reported at the very moment they are made available.