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BeetleCat Sous Chef Alex Windover Is Planning a Pop-Up Restaurant

The first dinner is in May

Base Image: Avondale Market

Alex Windover, sous chef at Ford Fry's BeetleCat, and his wife Sarah are working on a pop-up restaurant of their own. The duo will host their first "Night Shift" dinner at Avondale Market on Sunday, May 1, offering a "hyper-seasonal" menu with five to seven courses.

A couple of recent Instagram posts give diners and idea of what to expect.

Roasted loin of pork. Charred onions. Mustard. Grits.

A photo posted by night shift restaurant (@restaurant_nightshift) on

The Windovers describe themselves as "late-20-somethings naming pop-ups instead of naming babies," and they say they'll serve "the best ingredients Georgia has to offer. Beverage service at Night Shift is BYOB, and reservations can be made by emailing The dinner is $45 per person.