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Watch Better Half Chef Zach Meloy Demonstrate How to Cook Turnips

'It's like two vegetables in one'

Spring is here, which means turnips are back in season. And as Better Half chef Zach Meloy notes in this video, the root's bulb and greens make it two vegetables in one. Meloy mans the stove to demonstrate preparing Hakurei turnips three ways, taking almost no time at all.

The chef fires up a pan with some hot canola oil and a caramelized garlic clove. Then come the greens, chopped and briefly cooked over high heat. Meloy removes the greens and replaces them with chunks of the bulb, seasoning with salt and pepper and cooking until they're golden brown. He plates the cooked veggies together, and thin slices of the bulb and a little lemon finish the dish. Meloy says eating greens is a must for any Southerner.

"Well, I think it would be insane if you're here living in the South and you're not eating greens," Meloy says. "I mean, that's who we are, really. With a vegetable like turnips, it's like two vegetables in one."

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