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You Can Eat Fried Barbecue With Monster Energy Drink Sauce at Braves Games This Year

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Turner Field has a few ... interesting ... dishes added to its concessions lineup

Flickr/David Berkowitz

This season will be the Atlanta Braves' last at Turner Field before they leave Downtown and head for SunTrust Park in Cobb County. And if new concessions at the ballpark are any indication, the team is going out with a bang. The Braves officially debuted a few new menu items from concessions provider Delaware North on Tuesday, and they certainly don't qualify as bland.

A few highlights the Braves are pumping:

  • T.E.D. aka "The Everything Dog" — a footlong hotdog layered with fries, chili, nacho chips, beer cheese, and jalapeños; topped with popcorn; and drizzled with Coca-Cola-infused BBQ sauce.
  • "Tater Tot Chop" — a layer of tater tots pressed in a waffle iron; loaded with bacon, melted cheese, and jalapeños; topped with a second tater tot waffle, and served with Coca-Cola-infused ketchup.
  • "Punisher" — country-fried smoked rib meat slathered in a Monster energy drink-infused BBQ sauce, topped a beer-battered onion ring and "slawsa," stuffed in between a toasted and buttered Hawaiian bun, and pinned in place with two slices of candied bacon.

Wow. It would appear subtlety is not on the menu. If those concoctions aren't enough, there's also the "Burgerizza," which is pretty much what it sounds like: a 20 ounce beef patty, topped with five slices of cheddar cheese and bacon, and served between two eight-inch Freschetta pepperoni pizzas.

A full rundown of Turner Field's dining and drinking options for 2016 is coming soon, but fans may want to go ahead and plan on having plenty of antacids at Braves games this year.