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Two Stars for the 'Seafood Adventure' That Is BeetleCat

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews

Jonathan Phillips/Eater Atlanta

Atlanta Journal-Constitution food editor Ligaya Figueras reviews BeetleCat, Ford Fry's "little sister to The Optimist" in Inman Park. Figueras awards the seafood restaurant a "very good" rating of two out of four stars, though she says there are hits and misses:

Fish meat is the focus or the accent on everything, from crudo to hot small plates to mains and sides — but only a few dishes stood out. The trio of baked oysters topped with bacon, Parmesan, Swiss chard and butternut squash was delicious, although that seasonal iteration has since changed to feature the flavors of toasted garlic, butter, horseradish and lemon. Steamed mussels were fine on their own, but they sat in a pool of kimchee cream with a heat level a notch higher than I would have liked. The order came with a piece of toast so saturated with butter it didn't serve for sponging up much kimchee cream. ... Like a cruise, BeetleCat offers plenty of choices. But the menu needs adjustments to make the trip truly exciting and new.

Over at Creative LoafingSucheta Rawal takes a first look at Biltong Bar in Ponce City Market. Rawal says the eatery from 10 Degrees South, Cape Dutch, and Yebo owner Justin Anthony offers something new for Atlanta:

Biltong Bar is the first eatery in town to combine the casual South African jerky experience with a chic bar environment. Though the bar holds much promise for visiting weekenders and intown happy hour crowds, it remains to be seen how well Atlanta will embrace its unique concept.

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: Atlanta Food Critic says Smoke Ring is a fabulous destination for barbecue. Atlanta Restaurant Blog likes the authentic Mexican fare at Rreal Tacos. Fried Chicken Lips says the recently opened Hajime Japanese Ramen Bar is on the right track. Bella Vivere thinks Chi Mac Bar and Grill is a great addition to the Gwinnett area. Hunger Pangs in Atlanta has a ball at The Shed at Glenwood.