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These Maps Prove Atlanta's Restaurant Scene Is Killing It

A real estate site ranks Atlanta as one of the best cities in America for a variety of cuisines


Real estate search site Estately has taken it upon itself to determine the best and worst restaurant cities in America, assigning rankings for a variety of cuisines. If the results are any indication — and of course this study is highly scientific — Atlanta is among the best of the best. Estately ranked the nation's 50 most populous cities in 18 categories, and the ATL landed in the top five nine times.

To come up with its findings, Estately used data from Yelp and scored each city from 0 to 300 on the abundance of 18 different restaurant types. The score for each type of restaurant takes three variables and weighs them equally — restaurants per capita, restaurants per square mile, and the percentage of all area restaurants that each type makes up.

Atlanta landed in the top five for breakfast (No. 3), buffets (No. 3), steak (No. 2), Mexican (No. 4), and Chinese (No. 4). Even more impressive, our fair city was cited as the cream of the crop in four categories: burgers, fast food, soul food, and Tex-Mex, a surprise upset win over Dallas.

Atlanta burgers

Atlanta fast food

Atlanta soul food

Atlanta tex-mex

While Atlanta is established as a locale with a robust and diverse dining scene, it might not be the best place for the health-conscious or those with dietary restrictions. The city doesn't rank in the bottom five of any category, but it isn't exactly thriving in vegetariangluten-free, or halal.