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Meet Pizza Squirrel, Atlanta's Answer to Pizza Rat

New York's most famous rodent has a Southern cousin

Wikimedia Commons

Pizza Rat became a major celebrity when it carried a New York slice into one of the city's subway stations last year. Now, the iconic Yankee has a Southern rival. Meet Pizza Squirrel:

Pizza Squirrel, on Edgewood (the pizza district of Atlanta). I spotted him last night outside of Chrome Yellow. If you are a Reply All listener, what do you think...Zardulu at work in the South???

Posted by Maggie Blair Boyd on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

They say Atlanta is a city in a forest, and with forests come squirrels. So this city's apparent pizza-loving mascot is an appropriate answer to its NYC relative. The Facebook user who captured the above video notes this little gourmand was spotted near Chrome Yellow Trading Co. at 501 Edgewood Ave. That means the slice likely is from Edgewood Pizza. Or, perhaps our hard-working woodland friend dragged its tasty treat all the way from Ammazza or O4W Pizza. Either way, Pizza Squirrel obviously has excellent taste.

Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

501 Edgewood Avenue Southeast, , GA 30312 (470) 355-1340 Visit Website