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Richards' Southern Fried Signage Is up at Krog Street Market

The opening is 'a few weeks away'


Progress continues for Richards' Southern Fried. Construction on chef Todd Richards's Krog Street Market stall began last month, and now some new signage teases market patrons on what's to come.

Richards' is on track to begin service in May, when it will offer up fried chicken in three varieties: classic, hot, and "Richards' HOT." Sandwiches and plates will be available, accompanied by sides such as potato wedges; stewed okra and tomatoes; and broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole.

Richards, executive chef at Downtown's White Oak Kitchen, is partnering with that restaurant's parent company on the chicken stall. Richards' Southern Fried will take up residence inside Krog Street Market across from Gu's Dumplings and adjacent to The Spotted Trotter and The Cockentrice.

Krog Street Market

99 Krog Street Northeast, , GA 30307 Visit Website