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Watch CNN's Profile of The Giving Kitchen and Staplehouse

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'It's humbling to be able to stand every single night at the restaurant that we dreamed of'

With Old Fourth Ward's Staplehouse drawing local and national acclaim, CNN has put together a profile of proprietor Jen Hidinger and the charitable organization Staplehouse benefits, The Giving Kitchen. In this video, Hidinger details Staplehouse's origins, what the restaurant means to her, and what her late husband Ryan would think of his legacy.

"He would say he was just a cook, he was just a guy, he didn't deserve any of this," Jen says. "But it's pretty powerful to know that one gentleman, who just happened to be this goofy, insanely talented cook, could change an entire community ... change an entire industry."

In CNN's companion story, The Giving Kitchen executive director Stephanie Galer explains why the organization is a vital part of Atlanta's restaurant community: "Everyone could be in the situations that these workers are. When you add in the industry, when you add in the variable hours, the traditionally lower wages, the very physical nature of the work ... you know, this is a unique situation that needs a unique solution."


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