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Three Stars for Ticonderoga Club; Two Stars for The Mercury

It's your weekly roundup of Atlanta restaurant reviews

The view from above at Ticonderoga Club.
The view from above at Ticonderoga Club.
Jonathan Phillips/Eater Atlanta

Atlanta Magazine's Evan Mah reviews Ticonderoga Club, the Krog Street Market restaurant from Greg Best, Regan Smith, David Bies, Paul Calvert, and Bart Sasso. Mah awards T Club an "excellent" rating of three out of four stars, calling it a "real restaurant ... where the plates aren't outclassed by the pours."

Despite the pedigree of its founders, Ticonderoga Club is more than a watering hole. ... Doing big things in small spaces — that's a restaurant model this city could stand to see more of, especially at a time when each new opening feels bigger, splashier, and louder than the last.

Wyatt Williams reviews The Mercury for the Atlanta Journal-Constitutiondoling out a "very good" rating of two out of four stars. Williams likes the Ponce City Market restaurant, but he's disappointed in the prime rib.

When it arrived, the cut looked pink and rosy as could be, but I was dismayed to find the meat dry, not the tender, wet cut of my dreams. None of this (aside from maybe the spinach) was quite "send it back to the kitchen" bad, but it lacked the finesse that makes a $200 bill for two go down easy. By the end of the meal, I felt a lot like I do when I finish reading a James Bond novel: entertained, but in desperate need of subtlety.

THE ELSEWHERE AND THE BLOGS: The AJC's Elizabeth Lenhard finds a fine and fun balance at Common Quarter. Burgers, Barbecue and Everything Else enjoys a meal of spicy tofu and chicken at Gu's Dumplings. Atlanta Restaurant Blog says Amer is a nice addition to Inman Park. Atlanta Food Critic determines Zinburger offers everything there is to love about gourmet burgers. Fried Chicken Lips finds a generic gyro at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe.