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The Atlanta Braves Can't Even Eat Chicken Without Screwing It Up

Just when you thought this season couldn't get worse

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As every Atlanta sports fan knows, this year's incarnation of the Braves is quite bad. The Bravos currently have the worst record in baseball, and they're on pace to lose 121 games. That would break the modern record set by the New York Mets in their inaugural 1962 season. The Braves are terrible on the field, and it turns out they aren't having much success off it, either.

Yes, Atlanta's starting shortstop is out of Thursday night's starting lineup because he had to go under after swallowing a chicken bone. The Braves are playing the Pirates in Pittsburgh, and Erick Aybar was eating lunch in the visitor's clubhouse when the bone became lodged in his throat. Interim manager Brian Snitker explained what happened to Atlanta Journal-Constitution beat writer David O'Brien.

"He got a bone or something stuck in his throat, and I think they're going to have to sedate him to get it out," Braves interim manager Brian Snitker said. "That poor guy had to be scared to death. He looked OK when he left, but I don't think he's feeling very good. Let's just hope everything works out alright."

This truly is a season to remember for the #Barves.