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Bludso's BBQ Will Return in Food Truck Form

The restaurant closed last fall

Yelp/Molly B.

When Compton, Calif.-based Bludso's BBQ closed its Castleberry Hill location last October, owner Damien Scroggins said he planned to relocate within the neighborhood. But instead of another brick-and-mortar, it looks like a Bludso's food truck is in the works. Scroggins has been sharing some details on social media.

The smokehouse opened at 323 Walker St. SW in December 2014, but it shuttered less than a year later "due to unforeseen easement restrictions." In its brief existence, Bludso's became a popular destination for Texas-style brisket, beef ribs, and rib tips. Scroggins told Eater Atlanta in November he hoped to open a new location near the original "in the first quarter of 2016," but apparently plans have changed.

Scroggins has indicated his new truck will take to the Atlanta streets this summer, and the menu will expand beyond barbecue to include fried fish. Eater Atlanta has reached out to Scroggins for more information.