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Thirsty Bandits Make off With 3,000 Cases of SweetWater Beer

Fortunately, some of the beer was recovered


SweetWater Brewing Company was the target of some daring and booze-craving bandits early Tuesday morning, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A spokesperson for the company tells the AJC two trailers containing 3,272 cases of beer were stolen from the brewery on Ottley Drive. Both were later recovered with varying degrees of damage.

One trailer was found on Camp Creek Parkway, reports Channel 2 Action News, and the other was tracked down on Southwoods Parkway. Both were empty, leaving the brewery missing 72,000 bottles of 420, IPA, Goin Coastal IPA, and Take Two Pils. Channel 2 reports "about half" of the stolen beer was later found in warehouse in Clayton County, but SweetWater is asking the public to help recover the rest.

"If y'all find any Summer Variety Packs on the shelf that are unsorted (aka all one style) dated 9/20 or 9/21, call or email the brewery so we can start tracking this beer down," reads a statement from the company. "Keep an eye out for the Summer Variety Pack Case (24 pack of bottles) with the same date in weird places too."

SweetWater Brewing Company

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