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Head Baker Rob Alexander Is Out at TGM Bread [Updated]

Alexander appears to be eyeing a larger operation

Rob Alexander.
Rob Alexander.
Jonathan Phillips/Eater Atlanta

After launching TGM Bread in January, Rob Alexander is no longer with the bakery. Co-owner Jennifer Johnson confirmed Alexander's departure Monday, indicating the head baker's idea of the concept no longer aligned with his partners.

"While TGM Bread has received a lot of attention in the several months since we opened, at the end of the day we remain a small shop," Johnson said in a statement. "That was our plan from the start and remains our plan going forward. Rob has a different vision and has decided to go in a different direction, to a larger platform. We wish him the best."

TGM Bread, located next door to The General Muir in Emory Point, has operated as a wholesale business, providing product to sister restaurants West Egg CafeFred's Meat & Bread, and Yalla, plus outside clients such as Ticonderoga Club. Limited retail hours have been available on Saturdays and Sundays, and The General Muir chef and partner Todd Ginsberg has run a weekday lunchtime pop-up out of the space.

The General Muir pastry chef Chris Marconi will continue to produce the restaurant's bagels and pastries, which are not part of the adjacent bakery's operation. With Alexander gone, TGM Bread will be overseen by Ginsberg and partner Shelley Sweet, as well as bakery manager Logan Lockner. Johnson is confident there won't be a decline in quality.

"We have a talented team of bakers in place and will continue producing at the same level of excellence," she said.

Before TGM Bread, Alexander spent time with H&F Bread Co. and Alon's from .

Update: Alexander tells Eater Atlanta he is returning to H&F Bread Co.

"I will be joining H&F again," the baker said in an email. "Joe Best and Roger Hodge made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. We reached our sales goal for the bakery so I feel like I'm leaving on a high note. I think the TGM Bread opportunity will be great for another baker and wish the respective owners much success."

Despite the well wishes, Alexander disputes the implication that his vision for TGM Bread was different than his partners.

"The owners of The General Muir set the vision of the business," he said. "Being the good managers that they are, they invited me to participate in such strategic business meetings. In my job title of 'partner,' I worked to serve the owners in their respective goals. Obviously, my deep experience with bakeries made my input valuable even if my suggestions weren't always incorporated."

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