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A Name Change for the Makan Team’s Krog Street Market Stall

Coming this fall

The logo for Suzy Siu's Baos.

The men behind Decatur’s Makan are planning a Krog Street Market venture, and they’ve decided to change the name. Originally announced as Betty Hsu’s Baos, the food stall instead will be called Suzy Siu’s Baos.

"We thought this was a more fitting and overall better name," co-owner Michael Lo said in an email to Eater Atlanta. "It’s a play on a traditional Southern (American) female name with two words, like Sadie Mae or Emma Grace or Mary Jo, but with Siu, it’s obviously an Asian last name."

Lo and chef George Yu are planning to open the food stall this fall. Suzy Siu’s will take up 420 square feet adjacent to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and across from Grand Champion BBQ. The menu will feature  Makan's popular steamed buns, including the pork belly and duck varieties served at the Decatur restaurant, plus "a number of new seafood and vegetarian steamed bun options."

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