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More Details on The Federal, Shaun Doty’s Bantam + Biddy Replacement in Midtown

Coming this November

Shaun Doty.
Shaun Doty.
Sarah Dorio

Chef and restauranteur Shaun Doty closed Bantam + Biddy’s Midtown location over the weekend, and he’s working on a new venture in its place. Doty officially revealed plans for The Federal in a Thursday announcement. Bantam + Biddy partner Lance Gummere is in on the project as well.

"The Federal is a great opportunity for me to go back to doing what I truly love — making a connection with my guests," Doty said in a prepared statement. "Over the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve watched this part of Midtown change, and I’ve spent a lot of time listening to what my customers are looking for in this neighborhood. This is my chance to create what they’ve asked for."

Doty wants the restaurant to be an expression of his "travels from adolescence to adulthood." It sounds like that will result in a wide-ranging menu. Dishes will include steak frites, inspired by the chef’s time in Belgium, and chopped liver as a nod to Katz’s Delicatessen in New York City.

The Federal’s name is taken from Midtown’s Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Look for an opening at 1050 Crescent Ave. NE this November.

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The Federal

1050 Crescent Avenue Northeast, , GA 30309 (404) 343-3857 Visit Website