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Chick-fil-A Solved a Crime With Free Chicken for One Year as a Reward

Crime Stoppers, Chick-fil-A-style

A Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. Flickr/Jay Reed

This is an interesting way of solving crime, Chick-fil-A. The fast food chain is reaching out to the public to try to figure out who stole a van from its location at Cherokee Place in Cartersville, and there’s a reward of free Chick-fil-A for one year to whoever can identify the suspect.

The van was stolen around 9:45 p.m on Sunday, Nov. 5. The suspect eventually crashed it into a parked car in a home's driveway.

WSB-TV 2 reports that the suspect is still on the run, and Chick-fil-A turned to security video, asking the public for tips on Facebook.

There’s plenty of comments, but the video is still up. All information will remain anonymous, so the suspect will never know that they got turned in to the authorities in exchange for a year of free nuggets.

Update: Case closed! Someone earned free chicken for a year!