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Hotel Clermont’s Soon-to-Open Restaurant Will Feature Steak Frites and Pink Velvet Banquettes

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The name is straight from Atlanta folklore

Clermont Hotel general manager Alan Rae, executive chef Jeb Aldrich and director of restaurants Nick Hassiotis
Heidi Geldhauser

The Clermont Lounge just reopened in September, but the next iteration of Atlanta’s infamous and historic dive bar/dance hall/strip club will happen in spring 2018.

That’s when the 94-room Hotel Clermont is slated to open in the space, along with its in-house restaurant named Tiny Lou’s. The restaurant is going to be an American-French brasserie led by executive chef Jeb Aldrich and Hotel Clermont director of restaurants Nick Hassiotis. Tiny Lou’s will be managed by the Charleston-based Indigo Road Hospitality Group, which runs Atlanta restaurants like Colletta and Oak Steakhouse.

The team is going to spruce up the Tiny Lou space with glossy marble tile, wallpaper, pink velvet banquettes, and a grand staircase descending from the lobby. On the menu, expect to see French classics with a Southern twist, like steak frites, escargot, trout almondine, and braised short ribs.

As for that name? A press release states: “Tiny Lou’s was inspired by its historic namesake, Tiny Lou, a popular dancer at Clermont Motor Hotel’s ‘Gypsy Room’ in the 1950s who, according to Atlanta folklore, was notorious for being ‘the girl who refused to dance with Hitler.’”