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A view of the field inside SunTrust Park.
A view of the field inside SunTrust Park.
Atlanta Braves

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Where to Eat at SunTrust Park, Home of the Atlanta Braves

H&F Burger, Waffle House, Fox Bros., and new food like the Blooper burger with four cheeseburger patties, chicken tenders, and a footlong hot dog on Texas toast

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It’s baseball season at Braves SunTrust Park in the Cumberland area of Cobb County, 13 miles north of downtown Atlanta. Among the amenities to be found at SunTrust is a roster of concessions that includes some of the biggest names from Atlanta’s restaurant scene — there’s much more than hot dogs and peanuts at this ball park. Here’s the complete rundown of this season’s dining and drinking options at the home of the Atlanta Braves.

Best Bets at SunTrust Park

A view of the Coors Light Chop House at SunTrust Park.
Coors Light Chop House.
Kris Willis/Talking Chop

Coors Light Chop House

A longtime Turner Field hot spot for fans hoping to pound some brews during the game, the Chop House lives on at SunTrust Park. In addition to two large patios overlooking the right field, the updated venue includes a “Below the Chop” section, which hosts private events and allows fans to view the action through the outfield fence. Sections 156-160.

Waffle House

America’s greatest diner chain, which just so happens to be headquartered in Norcross, is back for Braves games this year. Fans won’t find the full Waffle House menu at this scaled-back outpost, but there are a few favorites available on the menu here. It’s also the first outpost to sell beer. Look for waffles (obviously), hash browns, and the Texas Philly sandwich. Section 311.

Waffle House inside SunTrust Park.
Waffle House inside SunTrust Park.
Kris Willis/Talking Chop

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

It’s fitting that the most popular smokehouse in Atlanta would be included at the Braves’ stadium. Jonathan and Justin Fox are serving up their celebrated Texas-style barbecue at this field-level stand. Section 153.

Terrapin Taproom

Athens-based Terrapin Beer Co., a subsidiary of MillerCoors, has a taproom and “brew lab” that are accessible from inside SunTrust Park on game days and outside on non-game or event days. Thirsty baseball fans will find Terrapin staples and new brews concocted at the adjacent lab, and Fox Bros. provides smoked meats for snacking. Chop House Gate.

H&F Burger

The beefy creation that made Atlanta fall in love with the double-stack isn’t as hard to come by as it used to be, but it’s still delicious. For those who opt to skip C. Ellet’s, the SunTrust Park-adjacent steakhouse from Linton Hopkins at Battery Atlanta, the chef’s burger and fries are now located in the former First & Third hot dog stand next to the lawn, directly across from C. Ellet’s. The restaurant, open year-round, can be accessed from inside SunTrust Park on game days or via a door outside on the lawn. The much larger H&F Burger includes seating inside and on the patio, and two walk-up windows. Near the Lawn at Battery Atlanta.

King of Pops

The weather might be pleasant for early-season games, but temperatures are sure to rise to the upper 90s during the summer. Beat the heat with Atlanta’s favorite popsicle purveyor. King of Pops sources locally and uses all-natural ingredients to make frozen treats that are much better than what one might find in the typical supermarket freezer. Centerfield Market.

Taste of Braves Country

There isn’t a dedicated location to feature all the Southern cuisine served at SunTrust Park, but stalls throughout the stadium offer dishes that highlight states where the Braves reign supreme:

  • South Carolina: Pimento cheese patty melt, served with caramelized onions and smoked paprika on rye. 1871 Grille, Section 141.
  • North Carolina: Smoked whole-hog barbecue sandwich, served on white bread with chopped southern slaw and vinegar sauce. Smokey Q, Sections 113, 343.
  • Tennessee: Nashville hot chicken, served with bread & butter pickles. Fry Box, Section 320.
  • Mississippi: Blackened catfish po’ boy taco, served with slaw and comeback sauce. Taco Factory, Section 151.
  • Alabama: Fried tomahawk pork chop, served on an “extra-large” potato roll with collard green slaw and white barbecue sauce. Braves Big Bites, Section 113.

New Food at SunTrust Park in 2019

“The Best Darn Steak Sandwich in Baseball”

The Carvery now offers a sliced, herbed beef tenderloin sandwich on a brioche roll deemed “the Best Darn Sandwich in Baseball”. It’s topped with roasted portobello mushrooms, fried onions, balsamic glazed arugula, and blue cheese sauce, and served with a side of truffle chips. Pair the sandwich with a bottle of cabernet in a souvenir carafe. Section 112.

Chicken and waffle boat

This boneless fried chicken is tossed in hot mango habanero sauce and comes served in a powder sugar-laden “waffle boat” topped with pecans and honey and a side of curly fries. Section 113.

BLOOPER burger

Braves mascot BLOOPER now has its own burger at the park, and it’s no laughing matter. The “sandwich” includes four cheeseburger patties, a footlong hot dog, and chicken tenders topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeños, and cheese sauce. Somehow this monstrous creation is crammed in between Texas toast. Oh, and the Blooper burger comes with a side of candied popcorn, too. Section 113.

Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper with the “Blooper burger”
Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper with the “Blooper burger”
Sarah-Ann Soffer

Batter batter bird

Looking to feed a crowd? There’s a whole buttermilk brined, fried chicken served with fries and coleslaw. Section 138.

Dinger dog

A day at the ball park wouldn’t be complete without a hot dog. A new footlong frank is now offered filled with bacon jam and cheddar cheese wrapped in a puff pastry and topped with queso and bacon. Section 143.

Southern smothered sandwich

This smoked brisket sandwich is full of Georgia grown ingredients, including grilled peppers and sweet onions. It’s topped with cheese sauce and served on a hoagie roll with a side of kettle chips. Section 145.

Top of the Chop Grille (Coors Light Chop House)

The popular Chop House opened a new grill at the stadium this year for quick serve fried chicken, steak nachos, and fresh kettle chips. Section 155.

Section-by-Section Dining Guide

The H&F burger
H&F Burger

Field Level

  • 1871 Grille: Sections 113, 141
  • Bar: Section 108
  • Ballpark Classics: Sections 116, 135, 146
  • Ballpark Sweets: Sections 120, 147
  • Braves Big Bites: Section 113
  • Centerfield Market: Section 149
  • Chick-fil-A: Section 143
  • Dippin’ Dots: Sections 111, 145
  • Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q: Section 153
  • Field of Greens: Section 156
  • Intentional Wok: Section 148
  • Kernels Korner: Section 112
  • King of Pops: Centerfield Market
  • Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream: Sections 139, 159
  • Potato Cutter: Section 138
  • Sandlot Snacks: Section 155
  • The Slice: Sections 107, 150
  • Smokey Q: Section 113
  • Taco Factory: Section 151
  • Terrapin Taproom: Chop House Gate
  • Tomahawk Ice Cream Bars: Portable carts throughout stadium
  • Tomahawk Taphouse: Section 131
  • Top of the Chop Grille: Section 155

Terrace Level

  • 1871 Grille: Sections 215, 239
  • Ballpark Classics: Section 240
  • Ballpark Sweets: Section 219
  • Bar: Sections 216, 238
  • Chick-fil-A: Sections 221, 244
  • Dippin’ Dots: Sections 217, 231
  • Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream: Section 243
  • The Slice: Sections 215, 239
  • Smokey Q: Sections 212, 233
  • Tomahawk Ice Cream Bars: Portable carts throughout stadium
  • Tomahawk Taphouse: Sections 212, 233

Vista Level

  • 1871 Grille: Sections 313, 331, 343
  • Ballpark Classics: Sections 312, 326
  • Ballpark Sweets: Sections 322, 332
  • The Carvery: Section 312
  • Dessert Dugout: Sections 320, 331
  • Dippin’ Dots: Sections 314, 341
  • Fry Box: Section 320
  • Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream: Sections 319, 340
  • Sausage Haus: Section 347
  • The Slice: Sections 313, 343
  • Smokey Q: Sections 317, 339, 343
  • Taco Factory: Section 313
  • Tomahawk Ice Cream Bars: Portable carts throughout stadium
  • Tomahawk Taphouse: Sections 321, 334, 344
  • Waffle House: Section 311

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