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Grant Henry, aka Sister Louisa, Might Have Another Atlanta Project in the Works

And he may be taking his Church bar to Nashville

Inside Sister Louisa’s Church in Athens.
Sister Louisa’s Church in Athens.
Matthew Wong/Eater Atlanta

Grant Henry, aka Sister Louisa, aka the man behind Church, Atlanta’s most colorful bar, is considering a new venture in the city. And, he may be taking Church beyond the Georgia state line. Henry recently posted a tweet inquiring about a property in Nashville.

Reached for comment, Henry confirmed he is indeed eyeing the Music City for an outpost of his kitschy, perhaps blasphemous, watering hole, which is officially known as Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium. He also shared that a new local project could be in the works, but cautioned both ideas are far from coming to fruition.

“Yeah, there are a couple things up my sleeve,” Henry tells Eater Atlanta. “I've got my sights on something else in Atlanta, which would be a concept other than Church. If I did something in Nashville, it would definitely be a Church. In both instances, those decisions would depend on finding and securing the perfect location.”

Henry opened Church on what is now a busy corner of Edgewood Avenue in 2010. The bar’s unique design — it’s packed to the gills with his artwork and religious trinkets, all smothered with a heavy layer of sarcasm — has earned it plenty of local and national attention. In 2014, Henry opened a second location in Athens.

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