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Rejoice: Ticonderoga Club’s Spiedie Sandwich Is Making a Comeback

Look for it on Monday nights

Ticonderoga Club’s spiedie, with Moxie soda and Cape Cod chips.
The spiedie.
Bart Sasso

Ticonderoga Club is bringing back the spiedie. After dropping the lunchtime sandwich last September, the Krog Street Market restaurant is now offering it during Monday dinner service. T-Club partner Bart Sasso tells Eater Atlanta the restaurant is trying to give the people what they want.

“People want the sandwich — they’ve consistently made that known — and we want to give it to them, so we’re dipping our toe back into how best to do it,” Sasso says. “Serving it at lunch out of the TC kitchen is just not feasible because of how the process interferes with our dinner prep, so, for the time being, we’re prepping a limited amount on Monday nights for sale until they’re gone, in tandem with regular dinner service. We’ll see how that does for a while, both from a supply and demand point of view.”

Sasso adds that T-Club doesn’t want the spiedie to become a gimmick, and he and the rest of the partners are trying to make it more readily available.

For those not in the know, the spiedie is a grilled chicken sandwich, topped with shredded lettuce and a tangy dressing, and served on a crunchy sesame roll (ordering the sandwich “badger style” adds even tangier dressing and crushed potato chips). It sounds simple, but its removal from the T-Club menu was met with great sorrow, particularly from Atlanta residents who hail from the sandwich’s native Northeast.

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