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Sun Dial Restaurant Quietly Reopens After Accident

Two months after a boy died on the premises

The Sun Dial Restaurant

The Sun Dial Restaurant quietly opened up to the public again over the weekend, around eight weeks after a boy from Charlotte, N.C., was killed in a freak accident there.

The revolving restaurant, located on the 71st level of the Westin’s Peachtree Plaza hotel in downtown Atlanta, closed abruptly in April. Five-year-old Charlie Holt was dining there with his parents when he wandered a few feet away from their table. Holt caught his head in a small space between the floor of the restaurant, which slowly rotates so that guests can see 360 degree views of Atlanta, and the wall, which does not move.

He sustained major injuries and died from head trauma shortly after in hospital.

The restaurant did not set a timeline for reopening after the accident, and the reopening appears to have been very subdued — Sun Dial made no announcements on any social media platform about its return to service. The restaurant’s online reservation system indicates that it has returned to regular hours.

Sun Dial

210 Peachtree Street Northwest, , GA 30303 (404) 589-7506 Visit Website