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O4W Pizzeria Ammazza Temporarily Closes After Car Plows Into the Building

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There’s no timetable for a reopening

Frank Lazaro

Ammazza, the hip pizzeria that has been slinging Neapolitan-style pies in Old Fourth Ward since September 2012, is temporarily closed due to a car accident over the weekend. On Saturday night, a motorist lost their bearings, and instead of turning right or left onto Edgewood Avenue from Randolph Street, drove their vehicle directly through the brick wall adjacent to Ammazza’s front door.

Images of damage at Ammazza caused by a car crash. Ammazza

There were no injuries, but it appears the pizzeria is in for a significant recovery project. Ammazza’s Ryan Parker gave Eater a rundown of what happened.

No one was injured but the driver flew through the red light on Randolph, crashed through our entrance wall, and hit the ATL Fire Department emergency water main, which flooded the restaurant with approximately 50,000 gallons of water, so we have extensive repairs underway. We are trying to get the repairs done in as swiftly a manner as possible. It is a very unfortunate situation, yet we hope our guests understand and will be patient with us through out this process.

It’s unclear exactly how long the pizzeria will be out of commission, but photos of the aftermath show some serious damage to the building, including a couple of busted pipes.

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