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Jennifer Zyman Loves the Noodles and Bao at Lan Zhou Ramen

Plus, reviews for Petit Chou, Aurello’s Pizza, and Star Provisions

Beef straw noodles at Lan Zhou Ramen.
Beef straw noodles at Lan Zhou Ramen.
Yelp/Sally B.

In a non-starred review, Atlanta Magazine critic Jennifer Zyman has high praise for Lan Zhou Ramen, a recent addition to the Buford Highway dining lineup. Zyman says Lan Zhou’s hand-pulled and knife-cut noodles are a rare treat, and she’s a fan of the shop’s dumplings, too.

Located in Pine Tree Plaza, the shopping center that is also home to Chicago Supermarket and Chef Liu, Lan Zhou Ramen is a cheerful spot that is so proud of its noodles, you can watch the chef in action, masterfully pulling and stringing the strips of dough, through a window in the dining room. ... There are 38 noodle dishes on the menu, ranging from steamed to dry-fried to fried with sauce.

Always on the hunt for a good dumpling, I was surprised how good the xiao long bao (Shanghai soup buns) were. The skins were so supple and silky, there was no doubt they were handmade, and the pork meatball and soup filling was fragrant and flavorful. For a doughier dumpling, the Shanghai pan-fried pork buns have a crisp crust on the bottom that crackles and gives way to chewy dough filled with seasoned ground pork and green onions.

Over at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bob Townsend takes a first look at new Cabbagetown hit Petit Chou (more of a mini-feature than a review), highlighting its “distinctive neighborhood presence”, and generally offering a positive take on the bistro-cafe.

In the blogosphere, Roamilicious is surprised by the thin-crust Chicago-style pie at Aurello’s Pizza, recommending the specialty pies over what’s offered in the buffet, and (for meat fans), the Super Six pie, which avoids the usual trap of meat-heavy pizzas being too salty. Meanwhile Marilyn Wolf finds superb espresso, a perfect ginger cookie, and local cheeses at Star Provisions.

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Petit Chou

229 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (917) 475-1620 Visit Website

Lan Zhou Ramen

5231 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA 30340 678-691-2175