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Rose-Shaped Gelato Is Coming Soon in Buckhead

Amorino is scheduled to open its first Georgia brick-and-mortar this fall

Rose-shaped gelato from Amorino Kat Nguyen

Amorino, a Paris-based gelato chain that boasts the unique quirk of rose-shaped servings, will open its first brick-and-mortar Georgia outpost in Buckhead this fall. The scoop shop is planned for Center Plaza at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, according to a Tuesday announcement.

Amorino claims to back up its nifty presentation with quality ingredients such as free-range eggs, whole-fruit purees, and “high-grade whole milk.” The chain’s flavors include stracciatella, tiramisu, pistachio verde di bronte, and mango Alfonso d’India. Gluten-free and vegan flavors and cones will be available as well. The scoops are sculpted into petal shapes by Amorino’s “gelato artists.” Beyond floral gelato, the shop’s menu will include shakes, Italian cafe pastries, chocolates, sorbets, and gelato-filled macarons.

“If ever there was a luxury gelato product, Amorino’s treats would certainly qualify — their rose shaped gelato is every bit as delicious as it is beautiful,” Anneliese Reid, marketing manager for The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, said in a glowing prepared statement. “We are thrilled to be bringing such a top-notch dessert concept to add to our compelling mix of shops and restaurants.”

Founded in 2002, Amorino now has nearly 200 locations around the world, including a kiosk at Lenox Mall.

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