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Braves’ Minor League Affiliate in Gwinnett May Soon Be Known as the ‘Sweet Teas’

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The ‘Gwinnett Hush Puppies’ is also being considered

A pitcher and glasses of sweet tea Flickr/Personal Creations

The Gwinnett Braves, Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, are undergoing a name change. After fielding more than 4,000 suggestions, Atlanta and G-Braves staff members have settled on six finalists, which will be voted on by fans. If the public does its job right, residents of Gwinnett County will soon be cheering for the Sweet Teas.

Yes, that’s correct, Sweet Teas is one of the finalists, according to Talking Chop, and there is no doubt it should be the winner. It’s head-and-shoulders better than the Buttons, Big Mouths, Gobblers, and Lamb Chops (the latter referencing “the region’s love of home cooking with the Tomahawk Chop of the Atlanta Braves,” per a report in the Gwinnett Daily Post; that is a stretch). Hush Puppies is the only acceptable alternative among the finalists, but Sweet Teas wins out thanks to its “wait, there’s a baseball team called the Sweet Teas?” appeal.

In an unfortunate turn of events, one nominee that should have been the ultimate victor failed to make the final cut. The selection committee passed on Hash Browns, a suggestion that obviously pays tribute to the greatest restaurant chain in America, according to the Daily Post. A full investigation into this renaming process needs to take place, and Hash Browns detractors must face appropriate disciplinary measures.

The G-Braves — soon, hopefully, the Sweet Teas — play at Coolray Field in Lawrenceville. Voting will take place at the team’s website, though no poll has been commissioned as of this posting. [Update: The poll is now live. Voting concludes on Monday, July 24.]

Minor league baseball branding has been swept up in a gastronomic revolution in recent years, with new names such as the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Modesto Nuts, and, the club responsible for starting the trend, Montgomery Biscuits.

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