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Wrecked O4W Pizzeria Ammazza Won’t Reopen Until 2018

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A car crash has put the restaurant out of commission

After an out-of-control vehicle plowed into Ammazza last month, the Old Fourth Ward pizzeria will be out of commission at least until 2018, co-owner Hugh Connerty tells Atlanta Magazine.

The initial incident, which took place the night of June 13, was actually followed up by a second car hitting the building earlier this month. The first wreck resulted in a busted emergency water main, which caused a minor flood and extensive damage inside the pizzeria.

“No one was injured but the driver flew through the red light on Randolph [Street], crashed through our entrance wall, and hit the Atlanta Fire Department emergency water main, which flooded the restaurant with approximately 50,000 gallons of water, so we have extensive repairs underway,” co-owner Ryan Parker told Eater Atlanta at the time.

Ammazza has been working on a second location in Decatur since February 2016, but the headache on Edgewood Avenue has sent those plans to the back-burner. On the bright side, the team now has the chance to think of how it might want to revamp its original outpost.

“It’s making us think,” Connerty tells Atlanta, “how would we [redesign the restaurant] if we could?”

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